"He turned the disappointments and setbacks, even a stint of being homeless, into poems and has self-published “The Pizza Toad and Other Poems.” He hired artists to illustrate the work, added commentary to some of his pieces and it’s for sale on Amazon. That he pulled himself together to create the 245-page book is a credit to his resiliency."     


  From The Stockton Record

One promising piece is “Norco Blues,” which delivers strong opening lines: “I am writing this poem in a car while it rains / And my best friend is in the back seat / And she is in pain.” A blueslike riff follows.

Kirkus Reviews

"My book addresses adolescent and adult challenges."   


Cory Markert




On this site you will find his new book The Pizza Toad and Other Poems, (among other books), and  a link to one of his oral poems.


Click on the logo to hear him read a poem during his newspaper interview on April 16, 2019.

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