"This illustrated volume of verse addresses a variety of topics in sometimes humorous, sometimes serious ways."

Kirkus Reviews on The Pizza Toad


Discovering New Thoughts Through Poetry

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When the World is Your Friend

What would life be like 

If the world was your friend?

Would each day be beautiful?

Would you wish the day didn’t have to end?

What if the whole world 

Was always on your side?

Would you feel safe and not be afraid 

To go outside?

Would you have a hunch that 

Everything would be all right?

Would you notice lovely flowers 

Growing in the dark side?

Would you twirl with the turtle 

As it dove to ocean depths?

Would people listen closely to 

Every word that you said?

You’d see smiles on the faces of

People you impressed

And you’d know with certainty that 

Your life is very blessed.

Even your mean boss would 

Help you reach your goal

And divine love would restore 

Your wounded, aching soul.

In times of trouble you’d hear a whisper:  

“Things will be just fine”.

This is what it feels like 

When the world is on your side.

If the world were your friend,

You’d be forgiven no matter what you said

If you remembered to give a homeless man 

A piece of soft bread.

If the world were your friend, 

You’d feel Nirvana each day,

You’d feel personal electricity 

Just like the sting ray,

And the electricity would move you: 

You’d feel light and free;

You’d become smart and happy 

And grow just like a tree.

And laughter would drown out 

Your worries and your sighs

As life twists and turns 

Like on a Disneyland ride.

And finally you’d lay upon

The softest, greenest grass

And smile very big, 

As this Heaven lasts.

Copyrighted Material

Cory Markert

All Rights Reserved

The Pizza Toad and Other Poems  is Cory Markert's first major professional work. The poems are based upon his careful observations, brainstorming, and getting in touch with his feelings. The poems pose a variety of universal themes and will please a wide audience of readers. The book is full of witty and insightful poems. Beautifully Illustrated. 252 pages. Digital and Hard-Copy versions are now available. Be sure to check out The PIzza Toad at Barnes and Noble and other book sellers for a great ride.

Time, Thoughts and Dreams was written by Cory's father, Dr. Louis Francis Markert, who composed poetry over a period of nearly 40 years. Dr. Markert was an Air Force Veteran, and he spent a year and a half studying to become a Catholic priest before becoming a secular professor. Dr. Markert's book includes poems and his commentaries. Topics include spirituality, friends and family, things he saw in Europe, his drug addiction, and other topics. His touching poems remind us of defeats and triumphs, good times and bad times, sweet things and "ships gone by". Also included are several essays he wrote and a sampling of one article that was published by the Fresno Bee.

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